Prayer Concerns


“Prayer is not so much an act as it is an attitude–an attitude of dependency, dependency upon God.”  ~Arthur Pink

  • When prayer needs to be joined with a concrete call for human help, know that help is available 24/7 at the Georgia Crisis & Access Line: 1-800-715-4225.

Please pray for:

    • Sandra Monroe, recovering from open heart surgery.
    • John and Jo Boyer, who have recently been hospitalized.
    • Allen LeGrone, who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Allen is husband of Terri LeGrone, office administrator at First Donalsonville.
    • Jerry Watts, who continues to recover from recent illness.
    • Paul Luthman, as he continues to have back pain.
    • Chet Dreschel, who continues to recover from a stroke.
    • H. K. Johnston, still struggles with severe fibromyalgia and other physical concerns.
    • Paula Hoffman, continue to pray for her health, and for wisdom for her and her medical personnel working with issues surrounding this physical syndrome. 
    • Fred Holt, the long-time member of Edgewood, has been diagnosed with macular degeneration and is nearly blind in 1 eye.
          • Please continue to pray for:

            • Our Ministers
            • Our CPs (Commissioned Pastors)
            • Our REs (Ruling Elders)
            • Our Candidates and Inquirers
            • Our Congregations
            • Our Committees
            • Our Staff
            • Our 4 Campus Ministries
              • The Abbey Fellowship (Columbus State University, Columbus)
              • The PresHouse (Georgia Southwestern State University, Americus)
              • The Center at VSU (Valdosta State University, Valdosta)
              • Macon Campus Ministry (Mercer University, Macon)